Criteria for choosing safe household appliances, health protection

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Criteria for choosing safe household appliances, health protection

In addition to dirty food, poor quality household appliances can pose serious health risks for users. To be a smart housewife, women "pocket" themselves with "tips" to choose quality kitchen products and safety for the family, avoiding "money loss - disability" for health of yourself and your loved ones.

The trend of household appliances for health is crowned

This trend stems from the fact that information about critical illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and breathing increases. According to a report of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in 2018 in Vietnam, there were about 165,000 new cancer cases, nearly 115,000 deaths and more than 300,0000 people living with cancer.

Cancer is really a big burden for many families as well as the whole society. Meanwhile, according to some experts, part of the cause of these disease groups comes from unsafe household appliances. Due to being made from cheap materials, these products quickly peel off after a short time of use, releasing metals into food and slowly causing toxins to the body.

According to doctor To Quang Huy (Hanoi Medical University), at high temperatures, many metals can be oxidized, forming oxidizing agents. “The food itself, when cooked at non-standard temperatures, easily produces free radicals. Oxidants and free radicals that build up in the body for a long time can be hazardous to health, ”explains Dr. Huy.

According to a survey conducted by Elmich household appliances (Czech Republic) on the level of consumer interest in health in recent years, up to 100% of people in big cities said that health is The most important and most important factor is the present. This is clearly shown when the trend of people eating clean is spreading, from choosing clean food sources, processing sanitation, and choosing safe and healthy consumer products.

Ngoc Phuong (Cau Giay, Hanoi) is a consumer who is very concerned about the quality and safety of household kitchenware. Phuong said: “With the current pollution situation everywhere, I can choose what is safe for the health of my family and my children, which I always use. Even the household appliances that seem to be unrelated but actually affect health when being in direct contact with food. Before the current "matrix" of home kitchenware, I put my trust in products from European brands for greater peace of mind. "

Criteria for choosing safe household items for smart housewives

The first criterion that consumers need to consider is the materials that make up the product. Currently, stainless steel is the main raw material often used in the production of home appliances such as kettles, saucepans, pots ... and most of us think that stainless steel is the same. But the reality is not so. Consumers should choose products with the 304 symbol covering the inside. 304 stainless steel is absolutely safe in contact with food, does not contain impurities, does not react to sour or high temperature items, often used for high-class household appliances. For non-stick pots and pans, housewives should choose non-stick pan products using high-quality non-stick paints without APEO, PFOA which are harmful to health, resistant to high temperatures.

According to experts, besides the material, when choosing a pot, pan, consumers should also choose the type with thick bottom (3-5 layers) because the thick bottom pot has good heat capture, uniform heat dissipation, making frying becomes simple, fast and food does not burn like a bottom pot, because burnt food also has a high risk of disease like food that is not safe and hygienic.

Most importantly, consumers need to choose products from reputable brands that have clear product announcements. In the context of confusing kitchen appliances, many people have turned to choosing products from major brands from Europe as a guarantee of quality. Ms. Quynh Mai (Long Bien, Hanoi) shared: "In the middle of a" forest "of products like today, I only trust European brands like Elmich of the Czech Republic. Although I do not understand much about physical factors, but when I came to Europe, I was assured ”.

According to Mr. Milan Novosad - Deputy General Director of Elmich Group of Europe, food contact surfaces in Elmich's products are made from 304 stainless steel, the structure of the body and the multi-layer bottom. The non-stick products also use high-class paints with 6-star technology from famous brands such as Greblon or modern technologies from companies like Telfon, Whitford ... absolutely no carcinogens.

With the above criteria, hopefully the smart housewives can "pocket" themselves with the tips necessary to make smart choices, bringing meals that are not only delicious but also protect. Health for the whole family!


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