Manage, arrange and use stationery at the reasonable company

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Manage, arrange and use stationery at the reasonable company

Before you intend to buy stationery supplies for your business, please specify the stationery items needed in the parts and plan the items to buy. The above method will help you always know exactly the number of stationery items you buy, reducing errors when buying in the wrong quantity, causing large losses and wastes.

Stationary tools are monitored and shared more standardly. You should always monitor the details of warehouse goods to check whether employees are using wasteful stationery. On the other hand is to see which places are about to run out of time to buy and quickly serve the needs of the employees.

Each stationery item always has a usage norm and each department and department will have a usage threshold and stationery items will be delivered with that threshold. Quarterly, the administrative department should check the amount of stationery use to be able to supplement properly.

Managing stationery products is an important job of the administrative staff in each company. Having the correct use of stationery items will help the administrative office pay more attention to the departments that use good stationery or not.

Here are 12 ways to manage and organize your records in the most logical and logical way:

  1. Organize each desk compartment neatly, remove unnecessary stationery and keep only those office-related stationery.
  2. Clean the table, regularly wipe off the dirt on the table.
  3. Leave only necessary items on the table (computer, phone, fax machine, note paper).
  4. If you work with multiple people, you can create a separate workspace for each person.
  5. Organize letters into folders, read letters, contacts (write or call).
  6. Use a variety of boxes to store papers and stationery.
  7. The filing system must be simple, easy to use and manageable.
  8. Color coding on files helps you find information faster.
  9. Never put too much stationery in the drawer. It can make it difficult to get the items you need.
  10. Always categorize all types of cards and stamps on the desk.
  11. At the end of each project or event, you should rearrange the stationery or store it.
  12. Arrange paper and stationery neat and tidy at the end of the day, especially on weekends so that when you start working the next day, you will feel more comfortable.

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