The information helps you save when buying school supplies

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The information helps you save when buying school supplies

The following information can help parents save a large amount of money when buying savings school supplies.

1. Find places with promotions

For companies like Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam, Fahasa Book Distribution, etc. usually in the first days of August every year, companies often offer 10% - 49% discounts on more than 1,000 products from school supplies, school uniforms, stationery to handy appliances and nutritious food. Nursing. In addition, the reduction from 15% - 40% of products such as tourist gas stoves, blankets, mattresses, electric kettles, desk fans ... for freshmen to meet the needs of buying school supplies for the new school year.

Items of notebooks and school supplies of familiar brands such as Thien Long, Vinh Tien, Hong Ha, Phuong Nam, Ben Nghe ... have many improvements in design and quality. Most companies use natural white paper that is effective against glare, eye strain. Thien Long Company has the product lines of "point 10" including: notebooks, rulers, compasses, tables, pencils, pen-writing machines, book bags, etc. , watercolors, crayons, crayons, crayons ... These products are manufactured according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training and sold at preferential prices.

2. Buy used books

In difficult economic times, in addition to buying discounted school supplies, many parents tighten their "wallets" by going to used book stores to buy for their children.

Choosing an old book for children, one parent said: “At the beginning of the school year, how much does it cost? I run out of money to buy books, school supplies, personal belongings, and also school fees for my children. In short, the husband and wife also lost their monthly salary. Choosing old books is cheaper, so it could save some money as well. ”

In addition, there are a wide range of reference books, advanced books and cheaper books available at the second-hand book stores. Although old books, if parents take the time to carefully choose, they will find sets. The book is almost new.

3. Don't buy too many school supplies at once

Hien, a bookstore staff member, said that the Education Publishing House's books always make up sets for each class and put them in big plastic bags. Before paying, you should check the list of listed books to see if there are any redundant books or not, to avoid adding unnecessary reference books.For notebooks, you should choose a reputable manufacturer. The idea is that the whiteness of the notebook, the lines should be straight, the sharpness and the thickness of the pages because the thicker the paper, the more pens and pens you'll be able to use.

On the forums, many mothers also share the experience of buying school supplies for their children. Do not buy too many school supplies at once because there will be many things unused. Practice at the same address to save time and can be discounted.


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