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Business stationery - market is growing

As a quiet but fierce race, besides large stores, newly entering the market, many old stores have invested in expanding business premises, renovating stalls, increasing the category of goods. ... to increase competitiveness.
In order to attract customers, in addition to building their own business style, stationery shop owners have selected suitable service subjects for intensive investment. Quy Nhon Public Bookstore is the place with the highest seniority in the profession, the name and reputation of this store have long been recognized because the products on sale here are carefully selected, quality and sourcing. clearly. Unlike other stationery stores, bookstores specialize in "hitting" specialty items, such as: oil paints for painters; pencils used in technical drawings; various types of drawing paper and office tools with high specificity. Therefore, when finding a certain stationery item in the "specialized" group, even the sellers of other stationery stores will only let customers find this bookstore.
Taking advantage of the location of the store that is quite close to the schools, the stationery stores here focus on serving the needs of students' office and young people ... The goods on sale here are quite plentiful, no There are only learning tools and offices, but also souvenirs, jewelry ... Ms. Le Thuy Diep - a shop owner - said: "Most of our customers are young people so they make a terrible choice. . I present the goods, answering enthusiastically their questions to make customers feel comfortable when choosing goods. Sales for young people not only have to ensure the quality but also have to be diversified and suitable ". fashion ", the price bracket must be very wide, suitable for many tastes and ... pocket money".

On the one hand, large stationery stores still retail each item on the other, focusing on exploiting the group of customers who are agencies and businesses. So, said - Any store that has about five or seven stores is a state agency, a school ... is "very stable", because these units buy regularly, in large quantities. However, it is not easy to get these sales lines. In addition to the widespread familiarity, the owner of the stationery store must also find a way to "seal" the name of his store in the customers' memory, and at the same time nurture those relationships.

The owner of the store, who asked to be named, said: "Now the competition between stationery stores is much more intense than before. Everyone must have many ways to keep customers and expand their market share. maintain relationships with our customers dearly. ”

* Quality is above all else

To attract customers, stationery stores must pay attention to the quality of products and service. Stationery products are also very diverse in types and designs to meet the diverse needs of customers. The ballpoint pen alone has more than 100 different types including domestic and foreign goods, the price is also very flexible, from 1,000 VND / tree to 200,000 - 300,000 VND / tree. As simple as a paper pin, there are at least 3 types of materials: plastic, plastic coated iron, stainless steel ...

The customers of students, students pay more attention to design and price than quality. If the goods are not received in time, the new products will get out of fashion immediately and will easily be back in stock. Agencies and businesses tend to be uniform and professional in each stationery product. For example, there are many types of files. Colors and shapes have their own conventions to facilitate the storage and transfer of documents and papers. The duty of the supplier must fully meet the requirements of the customer and sometimes must be a consultant. For those who are close to the demand, stationery stores often "invest and take care". Just call and ask for the form, model, price ..., customers will be met immediately. many different options ...


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